Specific Objective 1

Giving an integrated type of training to future entrepreneurs with general knowledge of the topic of Distributed Ledgers Technology along with entrepreneurial base competencies and the opportunities that this technology can open up for business making.

Specific Objective 2

Improving knowledge and training capabilities for startup coaches/mentors filling the specific competence gap on DLT/Blockchain.

Specific Objective 3

Expanding horizons for current entrepreneurs, raising their awareness on DLT and the possible application for existing businesses, innovating and making more available teaching and knowledge material.


  1. Increase and foster the capacity of acquiring knowledge on entrepreneurial and blockchain topics for entrepreneurs and for people interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Moreover inspire and inform on the possible blockchain applications based on best cases
  2. Give to VET providers even better teaching tools and materials than the ones that already exist as to allow them for a better acquisition and transmission of their knowledge to their students.
  3. Inform the aforementioned categories on the impact that blockchain could have on their enterprises and courses in the near future